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Introducing BabaBASIC: QBasic 4.5 on Android


BabaBASIC: QBasic 4.5 on Android

My father, who hung up his coding hat in the '90s, recently entered the golden years of retirement. One day, he mused about the simplicity and educational value of BASIC and wondered if there was a way to share its charm using today's technology.

Specifically, he was looking for an Android application that could run BASIC so he could "teach programming while drinking coffee with [his] friends".

QBasic 4.5 is what my father used back in the 90s to teach me programming.

Thus, BabaBASIC was born—a hat tip to 'Babá', the Greek term for "dad", and a reminder of who sparked this journey. BabaBASIC is a simple, yet powerful, way to edit and run QBasic programs on your Android device.

The first iteration of this was made over a 10-hour all-nighter using existing open-source libraries.

This is the first thing I have ever made of which my father approves.

BabaBASIC on the Play Store