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In the News: Winter 2012 issue of The Grinnell Magazine


🌟 Quotable Ian is back in the spotlight in the latest Winter 2012 issue of The Grinnell Magazine.

Dive into an enthralling article about the "Grinnell-in-Silicon Valley" program, where I had the fantastic opportunity to host an event at Box.

Check out this gem from the article:

At each stop, the students found some of the alumni responses eye-opening. Box software engineer Ian Atha ’09 says, "Working for a company is a skill you don’t have yet. Take an internship and learn it."


An engineering salary with two years experience is about $100,000 a year. That puts a lot of pressure on you.”

Plus, there’s a photo of me pouting...

Ian Atha pouting at Grinnellians

Don't miss out on this captivating read. Get your hands on the issue and join the adventure.